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Our partner company, Training Connections Australia (TCA) specialises in competency-based training for jobseekers, private enterprises and remote communities.

TCA is the trading name for Enterprise Management Group who is a Supervised Registered Training Organisation (SRTO). As a private training provider, TCA delivers vocational training in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland with a focus on Indigenous Communities in remote and outback locations.

TCA's training services have evolved to be able to provide a streamlined high-quality approach to career support/guidance, pre-employment solutions, vocational training services, staff development pathways, and special projects and partnerships.

TCA is a specialist in developing and delivering flexible project-based training solutions incorporating pre-employment, life skills and accredited training. These programmes are developed within a robust framework combined with mentoring support throughout.

Training will be underpinned by an Indigenous focused learning philosophy. Facilitators will have an understanding of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous world views and will undergo training in appropriate cross-cultural delivery methods incorporating friendly training materials, contextualised language, literacy and numeracy, innovative training delivery styles and a learning by doing (project-based) and not classroom style delivery.